About Kelly


For over 23 years I’ve been in this amazing beauty industry! I have to pinch myself sometimes, because I’m just so damn grateful to love what I do, and to have met and treated all my amazing clients along the way.

From when I started my career, till now, things have progressed so much, and how we deal with the skin has come a long way. I love change and I love to keep my knowledge up to date. Those who know me always say, “are you at another course” but I’m lucky I have chosen a fabulous product company that is Australian owned and made, who provide fabulous training courses which allows me to do just that.

Skin isn’t just about products and treatments. This is something I realised quite a few years ago, and in my quest to heal myself, my journey of health and wellness began. Health and wellness are a life style choice not a diet and once you embrace that you will glow from the inside.

So, in my clinic, advanced skin treatments and wellness have joined forces! Why the hell not! You can enjoy luxurious, hands on treatments with endless amounts of massaging but still receive the most outstanding results for your skin. I love pushing boundaries when it comes to treatment protocols!

I was lucky enough to work from home for many years, where I got to run my business and be a hands on mum.  The children have grown now and I decided to spread my wings and open a brand new clinic and here we are today at Oak & Sage Skin Retreat my new baby.  I hope you love her as much as I do.

K xx